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* Listen to the playback and compare it to my recording.Find one or two or three different free websites that you can go to daily. Some websites require monthly or yearly fees and they aren't worth it. Your Twitter followers sound like a bunch of parrots.And your Linked In contacts, well, who wants to talk about work all day, anyway?Although, you cannot install cameras in bathrooms or private spaces like your nanny’s bedroom. An important caveat to note here is that hidden cameras are only acceptable if they record video.

This type of camera is hidden in a device like an alarm clock or stuffed animal.Amazingly, in 2015, it's still possible to feel like you’ve reached the end of the Internet, especially if you rely on your social networks for news and amusement.But there are more ways to connect with people online than the three most popular social networks.Indoor security cameras can help you keep tabs on pets, kids, and the overall security of your home.They can also serve as an extra set of eyes when your kids are in other rooms.

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