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It was either Violent Wallet Girl or one of her equally loaded, bleary-eyed, Amazonian friends. “Oh, yeah, that was you.” “That’s right, I’m so glad I found it for you and returned it with everything intact.” “Oh, right, I guess that was nice.” “I was looking at your ID so I could find you and I noticed you’re in the military.” “Yeah, I am, I just got back from the front lines in Afghanistan.” (Afghanistan, did she really think I’d be intimidated by ? The poking stopped, but Blotto Wallet Girl still kept inching right over the top of me until I was behind her trying not to breathe on her in case she had a Korengal Valley flashback and accidentally gutted me like a trout (not that I was scared. Eventually my sister (who can be a bit reckless), pulled me in front of Ingrate Wallet Girl and took a position between us.Beloved by fans for his blue-eyed soul vocals, freewheeling melodies, and earthy charm, singer, songwriter, and musician Gavin De Graw has enjoyed success since breaking through in 2003 with his debut album, , which sold over a million copies, earned platinum certification, and yielded three hit singles: “I Don’t Want To Be,” “Follow Through,” and the title-track, “Chariot.” He followed that up with his self-titled second album, which debuted at No. 7 on , a gift to die-hard fans clamoring for recorded versions of his live favorites, Gavin decided it was time to shake things up.

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This week marks the 100th anniversary of touring acts playing live concerts at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Denver’s iconic venue of the West.Singer-songwriter Gavin De Graw is to perform on Sunday's broadcast of the 63rd annual Miss Universe Pageant, NBC said.De Graw joins a lineup that includes previously announced artists Nick Jonas and Prince Royce. I hate crowds, I’m afraid I’ll get trampled in a mosh pit where I’ll catch tuberculosis and someone will try to safety pin my nipples. I’d even sprung for the deluxe tickets where I got to go to the pre-show sound-check party and stand in front of the stage for the concert. I’d given my husband Henry two children and my youth. Hasn’t Gavin suffered enough from last year’s attack in New York? From what I remember of the performance Gavin was awe-inspiring. What if Gavin saw me in the crowd — yes a woman twenty years older than most of his fans, but with excellent night vision — and he and Henry got into a fight over me? While I was happy for Gavin I was distraught for my feet which were enslaved in a pair of platform heels. Suddenly I was back in fourth grade standing on a toilet in the girls’ bathroom trying not to breathe as my 10-year old Bully Nemesis peed in the next stall sharpening her switchblade. Let me tell you, if the mortars are coming in, you’ve been flanked and the Jerrys are coming over the top with fixed bayonets, Gina’s the one you want at your side.

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