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But there are still a few ways you can be taken advantage of without restitution.The Scam For most listings, the e Bay Money Back Guarantee protects you if the seller never actually ships you the item.By asking from a large number of people it may be possible that you can figure out some amount of information. On Google if you type a person’s name then you can search a large amount of information about them from the Internet and should be able to find out about a person’s marital status online.If any sort of wedding announcement has been made in the newspaper then you will be able to find it easily on the Internet.In the last few years, e Bay has been hit with seemingly endless hacks, data breaches, and security flaws, which they've struggled to deal with.Are e Bay trustworthy, or should you avoid shopping with them?And when you’re trying to get out in the dating world or are dating someone who doesn’t have social anxiety, it can be difficult to to get through social events like weddings, dinners or parties.

Ask straight forwardly to people and then see their reactions.Some people feel very anxious in both situations.”READ MORE: ‘High-functioning’ anxiety: it’s not a diagnosis, but many say it’s real Some can have panic attacks, while others can feel physical signs of anxiety, the site adds.This can include stomach aches, shallow breathing, sweating or feeling tense.But the scam is simple: you send payment and nothing happens.How to Avoid It Even if you check the seller’s feedback and it looks overwhelmingly positive, you can never be sure that such items aren’t scams.

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