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In fact, my summary could best be summed up with those witty rejoinders. Nathan: You want to see me cranky, put me in a spacesuit. She’s been acting since she was 17 and boy howdy does the woman know how to command a room.

Nathan: If you have to be typecast, be typecast as a super cool space captain. She held the audience’s rapt attention the entire time and everyone groaned in unison when time was up.

"So I mentioned that she was 'too cute to be expendable'" — the inside joke being that most red shirts on "Star Trek" wind up dead.

He teased that they should visit a power plant on their first date.

The routine helped loosen the tension before the dating began. If they felt something click, they jotted down the number pinned on their date’s shirt.

Chloe said she meets a lot of guys on Ok Cupid and Tinder. Being able to hear your date quickly became a challenge. If not, they dismissed them and focused on the next one.

(Click here for further explanation.) pin over her heart, and black collar suggested that she belonged to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, of the "Star Trek" universe.He volunteered to go with a friend as "karma payback." His outfit — rectangular glasses, a black button-down shirt, and a pinstripe vest — wasn't a costume, although it was unsafe to assume that in a room filled with Captain America, Snow White, Dr.Who, Poison Ivy, and more obscure, casually dressed heroes and villains.She says she has “mad love” for Red, her character, and much like the Litchfield maven, Mulgrew is a den mother to her cast.Originally producers wanted the Russian cook to have just the tinge of an accent, but when Mulgrew slipped into the now familiar guttural dialect, which she smoothly switched into before our eyes to our utter delight, the show let her take the lead.

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