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You expect your parents to remember to call on your birthday.

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You expect your boss or your human resources representative to hand you a paycheck on pay day.Some people become hurt and let down when their idealized prince or princess charming turns out to be just another imperfect human being, but others find ways to stay connected to their imperfect partners such that their relationship endures and grows with time.It is a truism that most dating relationships fizzle out into nothing and that only a relative minority will endure.If you set your expectations too high however, and the person does not meet your standards, you are the one who winds up feeling sad or angry. Managing your expectations is the key to keeping your relationship (and yourself) healthy and happy.Here are three easy ways to manage your expectations of those around you in order to live a better life. Be open to those who don’t fit your “ideal” We do not advise lowering your standards; you should only date those who truly inspire you to become the best person possible.

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    Nowadays, most recent high school graduates don't head off to college with the concern that if they don't find someone to marry by the end of senior year, they'll be considered a failure.